2014 Shop Hop Border

Welcome to Nebraska’s 16th Annual

“Wild About Nebraska” Shop Hop


Our state was once untamed. Parts of it still are — wildflowers grow unbounded and animals roam freely.

Members of the Nebraska Independent Fabric Stores are returning to those roots with this year’s annual Shop Hop.

   Participants are encouraged to go “Wild About Nebraska” as they travel the state visiting our unique shops. In the tote bag the participant will receive a fat quarter of our exclusive “Wild About Nebraska” fabric featuring wildflowers and wild animals. A free pattern using that fabric will also be handed out at each shop.

These projects vary and include items such as placemats, tote bags, table runners, table toppers, small quilts and wall hangings. The shop owners go wild when designing their projects and it’s always fun to see what they come up with!

   As you travel, your stamp card that will be marked along your way. The state has been divided into four regions. If you visit every store in a region you will be eligible to receive a $100 gift certificate prize. You may visit as many stores or regions of the state as you want and you will be eligible to win more prizes according to the regions or number of stores you visit.  No purchase is necessary. Even if you only get to one shop, you are eligible for a drawing. The shop hop is designed to return all bag sale profits to our customers in the form of these gift certificates.  In 2013, the Nebraska Independent Fabric Stores returned more than $12,000 in gift certificate prizes! Check your stamp card out for details on the many gift certificate prizes.

   In addition to these fun activities, shop owners will also offer a selection of skinny bolts (a bolt with three yards or less). If you buy what is left on the bolt, you will receive a 30% discount on that fabric. Each shop has the right to include and exclude particular fabrics from this area.

   We invite you to discover the 35 wonderful fabric shops that dot our state. Descriptions of each store are included in this paper. Let your imagination run wild as you gather the inspiration, supplies and instructions to expand your sewing and quilting skills.